Business Loans

It is a fact that most small and medium enterprises in Zambia have a difficult time accessing financing from traditional banks. The lack of capital financing in Zambia is due to a number of factors that evolve around businesses not meeting the initial criteria set by banks to access finance. As TreeTop, we believe we can add value in this space by working closely with businesses to meet their short term capital financing requirements.

Educational Loans

It is very common for students to delay their enrollment due to failure in coming up with the full cost required to enroll. The TreeTop education loan will guarantee payment of school fees and/or living expenses for students while putting the parents on a monthly repayment plan. The value proposition of the educational loan product is that it alleviates pressure from parents and allows them to plan their expenses accordingly instead of coming up with lump sum payments each semester.

Personal Loans

Peronal loans are 3 to 12 months loans advanced on the basis of the borrower's credit history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is through fixed installment amounts over an agreed period of time.

Cash/Salary Advances

The Treetop Cash Advance facility is a short term loan with a maximum term of 60 days. The facility is available to salaried employees and the repayment is usually pegged to someone's salary date.

Bridge Financing

The Treetop Bridge Financing product is a short term financing option used by companies and/or individuals to solidify ther short term positon until a long-term financing option can be arranged.

Hire Purchase Financing

One of the challenges Zambia faces as a result of having less developed capital markets is the lack of access to products and services on credit. A Treetop Hire Purchase facility gives an opportunity to customers to buy products through an installment payment arrangement. Treetop has partnered with a number of home appliance vendors to offer hire purchase to its customers. To find out which vendors are supported, please contact us.

Research and development

Treetop Funds understands that client needs and market landscape may require a change in the product mix offered. For this reason, TreeTop has a dedicated product development team that timely conducts research to ascertain whether there are any changes to be made to existing products or whether there is need to introduce new products in the market. The research and product development at TreeTop involves market research followed by product design and testing, product launch and then rollout.


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