1. What is Treetop Funds?
  2. We are a microlending institution offering financing options to employees and entrepreneurs in Zambia. Our financing terms are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

  3. What products do you offer?
    • Cash advances
    • Personal loans
    • Business loans
    • Education loans
    • Hire purchase financing
  4. How much can I borrow for each of them?
  5. The amount one qualifies for is subject to our internal credit assessment process.

  6. What are the requirements?
    • ID (NRC, Driver’s license or passport
    • 2 stamped latest pay slips
    • Bank statement for last two months
    • Employer confirmation (signed and stamped below)
  7. What is the interest rate?
  8. Interest rates vary per product, contact us to find out the rates for a product you are interested in.

  9. How fast will my loan be processed?
  10. Upon submission of a successful application, we guarantee

  11. How do I make payments for the loan?
  12. There are three ways to make payments

    • Payroll based deductions
    • Postdated cheques
    • Bank DDACC mandate


(260) 976 671 902


Treetop Funds Limited
Plot 2337 Kabelenga Road, Lusaka